But It Tastes Like Chicken…

For the past 5 years my husband and I have tried giving up meat,but for some reason we just couldn't let go of those crispy, flavorful, golden chicken wings! I think they were calling our name! Literally.   Well today, I dropped of my daughter at practice and I didn't want to go home yet… Continue reading But It Tastes Like Chicken…

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How to make an good ol’ guacamole!

So one day I decided to be all heathy and bought a whole bunch of avacados! I had no idea what to do with them but I knew they were superfoods and I needed to incorporate them into our lives... so I went to Pinterest and that was all she wrote! I altered the recipie… Continue reading How to make an good ol’ guacamole!

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Ah-Mazing Apple Pie

I have no memories of growing up smelling grandmas amazing apple pie, but  I do have memories of my grandmas fire peach cobbler at thanksgiving! I didn't grow up with one of those abc family channel lives but I had a pretty good childhood. One thing though, I am determined to make those abc family… Continue reading Ah-Mazing Apple Pie