What was heck I thinking?

“How Sway?”  Is the question I should’ve asked myself before beginning this Grad School journey.  I mean, seriously!  What was I thinking?  I am 31, I have 3 children, a fine ass husband, we have about 5 businesses between the two of us, not including careers and I’m still searching for the 15 minutes a day I promised myself, to meditate and be one with GOD.  Do I get that? Nah, not really…unless you count the 10 minutes on the toilet before I actually get in the shower and the 5 (give or take) before they start banging on the door, telling on one another is about 15 minutes total.  Which I do.


Well, lets just say…I had my life planned out.  No, like seriously planned to a T.  I knew that I wanted to graduate college with my bachelors, be married by 25 and have children.  Once I graduated college I added Master’s degree once my bachelor’s was accomplished but I kept putting it off.  I dreaded the letters GRE…it was like nails to a chalkboard.  All I could think about was standardize testing that has nothing to do with what I want to accomplish.


Let’s fast forward.  I began this Grad School journey in January. It’s an accelerated program which means we are going through an entire class/book in 6 weeks.  Hardest thing ever!  Not only that, my family dynamics and lifestyle have not changed at all, so with everything in my regular life…I have to add one more thing in.  Let’s just say, when this is all over…I may have a wrinkle and 3 gray hairs.


But before you decide to embark on this journey as yourself 3 questions.
1.  Is it worth it?  Is this degree going to be beneficial and will it pay be more than it’s costing?

2.  Do I have a support system? Going back to college with children requires support.  Whether this is one time in your life where you need government aid because you’re a single mother and you need help paying for that ridiculously expensive childcare or just a break to study alone.  Is your support system willing to help?

3. How long will this take?  The last thing you want to do is create a division between you and your family.  I have seen families torn apart from lack of time and that is not what you want.  Especially when your over all goal is to make your family happier. 😉

I say all of this to say…No matter where you are in life or what you think is impossible, is not!  No matter what GOD will make a way.  You will figure out how to prioritize the things that mean most and still love on your family like you did before.  It make take a few late nights and early mornings to “get er done” but believe me it is possible.

This weekend our little family even planned a get-a-way…


See, it’s not all bad.


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