It’s been a while… food, family, and fun!

Z has a baskeball tourney in Edwardsville this weekend so we decided to turn it in to a weekend getaway. It’s not too often we get to explore and relax and that’s just what we did! Our 5 year old said we needed to do this more often and that’s just what daddy and I were thinking!

Friday night we arrived and checked in to our hotel which turned out to be really nice! They even served vegan sausage for breakfast so that was a win!

The next morning we watch an 8 a.m. baskeball game which I guess I was still half asleep because I totally forgot to get pictures.

Later we watched another game and then we went to service at Trinity Lutheran Church.

By then we’d had enough popcorn and snacks and decided to go to Lotowata Creek Southern Grill for dinner. We arrived and were told that there was a 40 minute wait and we would be added to the waitlist. While waiting we decided to look over the menu which had no options for my husband and I 😩😩😩.

Good thing there was a TGIFridaya right across the street. You can never go wrong with a restaurant like that. There’s always something for everybody! Welp, we went to TGIFridaya and I got the Jack Daniels Burger. I swapped the good ole cow for a black bean burger hold the bacon & It was delicious!!!

Sunday came and we were starving! We decided to go go to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant a friend told us about called TreeHouse. It’s located about 10 minutes from downtown in a cute little part of town that looks like it was a part of an urban restructuring project. The brownstone-ish vibe was awesome and it gave off this yuppie eclectic feel.

I decided that my husband and I needed to take a pic so we took a few quick flicks…

They never cooperate when it’s mommy’s turn. lol Less than a block away was treehouse.

As we approached the corner spot we noticed the sign! Vegan donuts $3! Small wins!

We went on in and ordered our food! It was great!

The kids and I got Multi-grain pancakes and “sausage”

DJ said his pancakes were fantastic! He gave his thumbs up which sealed the deal!

Meanwhile Jai got stuck in the chair! He also managed to run and go have lunch with a table full of gay men who absolutely adored him! I should’ve took a picture!

Oh & my husband got some fancy dish…

desayuno latino

black bean and vegetable stuffed masa cake with house made escabeche, malagueta and chimichurri sauce and two eggs topped with house made salsa roja

He loved it and didn’t have a bite left on his plate!

We ended the day by and watching the Cougars win by 6! Z managed to get a few bumps and bruises, elbowed and lose part of her nail but all in all she had a great game! Here’s one of 2 shots I got from the game!

I hope y’all had a great weekend with your family!

Until next time… ❤️

Life With The Greens


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